Lone Actors, Extremism and Understanding Online Radicalisation session, 25th October, Brussels

October 2016

Dr. Paul Gill, Senior Lecturer in Security and Crime Science at VOX-Pol Partner Institution, University College London, will chair a session on “Lone Actors, Extremism and Understanding Online Radicalisation” in Brussels on 25th October 2016.

Dr. Gill will focus on findings reached from analysis of a unique dataset of 227 convicted UK-based terrorists. Paul will begin by outlining the degree to which various online activities related to radicalisation were present within the sample, emphasising how results illustrate the variance in behaviours often attributed to ‘online radicalisation.’ He will follow-up by describing and discussing how two clusters of commonly co-occurring behaviours emerge, in which particular patterns are evident that can be directly associated with attack planning. Finally, Paul will discuss whether those who interact virtually with like-minded individuals or learn online, exhibit markedly different experiences (e.g. radicalisation, event preparation, attack outcomes) to those who do not.

The Lunch Briefing Series will take place close to Schuman, Brussels on Tuesdays from 1215 to 1400. This will include the presentation, a Q&A session, and a networking lunch. The working language will be English; there will be no interpretation provided.

Link to the EC communication: http://www.voxpol.eu/events/lunch-briefing-series-lone-actors-extremism-understanding-online-radicalisation/