The main focus of Project TENSOR is to keep people safe. The project which is funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 programme will seek to develop a platform offering Law Enforcement Agencies fast and reliable planning and prevention functionalities for the early detection of terrorist activities, radicalisation and recruitment.

The project consortium recognises that for the majority of citizens, the internet is a valuable resource in day to day life. But for criminals and terrorists, it provides opportunities to exploit the internet as a tool where they can communicate with affiliates, coordinate action plans, raise funds, and introduce new supporters or recruits into their networks. These activities present a significant risk to the citizens of Europe.

The TENSOR consortium will work to develop an integrated solution for Law Enforcement Agencies, the aim of which is to increase their ability to identify and analyse terrorist generated content on the internet.

The project, which has a work stream dedicated to the ethical, legal and societal impact, will ensure that the solutions are shaped by the privacy and data protection laws that protect the freedom of citizens across Europe in their use of the internet.